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The South Carolina Telehealth Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration of academic medical centers, community hospitals and providers, existing telemedicine systems, government leaders and other entities that believe that all South Carolina residents should and can have access to quality health care, while effectively managing the cost of providing care.
Telehealth promises to improve access to quality care, especially for underserved populations. To fully realize that promise, the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance was formed to encourage a spirit of collaboration among all stakeholders in telehealth, including three of the state’s leading health systems—MUSC Health, Palmetto Health, and Greenville Health—as well as community providers and hospital administrators and governmental agencies. Providers of telehealth will be held accountable to delivering care that is quality, patient-centered, sustainable and equitably distributed. The collaborating service providers of the Alliance will work closely with Palmetto Care Connections to integrate these innovative approaches to care into South Carolinas’ communities and existing health systems to ensure a lasting and mutually beneficial future for our state.
This network will be unique in the nation and could not only transform health care delivery in this state, but serve as a model for doing so across the country.

South Carolina Telehealth Alliance Advisory Council Representation

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
Department of Mental Health (DMH)
Greenville Health System (GHS)
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC Health)
Palmetto Care Connections (PCC)
Palmetto Health (PH) - University of South Carolina (USC)
South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV)
South Carolina State Legislature
SCTA Advisory Council Processes and Procedures can be found by clicking HERE.


Improve the health of all South Carolinians through telehealth.


  • Patient centered
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Accountability


Telehealth will grow to support delivery of health care to all South Carolinians with an emphasis on underserved and rural communities. It will facilitate, coordinate and make more accessible quality care, education and research that are patient centered, reliable and timely. Our state will become recognized nationally for telehealth that is uniquely collaborative, valuable and cost effective.

Value Proposition

Telehealth in South Carolina will deliver high value through productive collaboration.

Driving Strategies

  1. Deploy a coordinated, open-access telehealth network in South Carolina.
  2. Understand and effectively respond to the needs of users of telehealth, with an emphasis on the underserved and rural.
  3. Invest in expanding needed specialty and subspecialty capabilities through telehealth.
  4. Conduct statewide education, training and promotion to providers and the public to accelerate and spread adoption of telehealth.
  5. Develop a telehealth organization structure that encourages and facilitates statewide collaboration among providers in the delivery of health care, education and research.
  6. Demonstrate to legislators, payers, providers and the public, the impact of telehealth in improving access, quality and affordability.

Annual Reports

Read the SCTA 2016 Annual Report
Read the SCTA 2015 Annual Report